Smino Cruises in a Vintage Convertible in “Ole Ass Kendrick” Music Video

Smino has dropped an official music video from his latest LP, Luv 4 Rent. This visual accompanies the track “Ole Ass Kendrick.”

Directed by Hidji World, the video opens with a shot of a dry cleaners, where Smino is picking up his clothes, before flashing to a shot of a carousel in the middle of London. The camera pans to women in wedding dresses and sneakers who appear alongside the rapper as he drops bars throughout the city.

Riding in a vintage convertible, Smino is watched by a crowd as he cruises through the cobblestone streets of his favorite city.

“Just seen my very favorite b*tch / Inside my favorite city, it was very jiggy,” he raps. “There we are inside the car, we getting busy / I was playing some old ass Kendrick.”

Luv 4 Rent arrived as Smino’s third studio album in October 2022. Following its release, the rapper embarked on a co-headlining tour with JID in support of the LP.

Watch the new music video for Smino’s “Ole Ass Kendrick” above.

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